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Tracy Elementary School
700 S. 4th St.
• 507-629-5518

Tracy Elementary School

Tracy Area Elementary School is a Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 6 educational facility. Enrollment at Tracy Area Elementary is 406 students. The current school structure was built in 1971. The new building replaced the former elementary school located at Rowland and 5th Street that was destroyed in the 1968 tornado.

Tracy Area Elementary School has a fully developed curriculum that provides a wide range of learning opportunities for diverse student population. Tracy Area Elementary School provides instruction for Kindergarten students in an all-day, every-day setting. With the implementation of all-day, every-day Kindergarten, Tracy Area Elementary and District #2904 has made a full and complete commitment to preparing our youngest learners for their future educational careers.

The Districts commitment to our youngest learners continues to grow and expand with the addition of the "Little Panthers" School ECFE readiness program for 4 year olds in 2006/2007.

Tracy Area Elementary School has aligned itself extensively to the incorporation of technology as a daily component of the school curriculum. The elementary school is equipped with two computer labs of 30 units each were students receive daily instruction related to technology.

Tracy Area Elementary School believes in the educational philosophy that the educational process is the combined and shared responsibility of the individual student, home, school, and community. Our school is a place where everyone can learn and we are also very proud to state that our school is a place where all individuals have equal worth, yet their individual differences are both valued and respected. The instructional staff at Tracy Area Elementary School shares in a common goal to educate the whole child by addressing each individual student's academic needs, psychological and emotional needs, the development of interpersonal skills for the purpose of cooperating and communicating with others, and the promotion of physical development and wellness. Tracy Area Elementary School has implemented an internally designed character education program that had provided students with instruction related to becoming responsible, respectful, and cooperative members of our school and community. Our character education offerings have enhanced the learning environment for students and enabled them to practice on a daily basis their role of becoming a prominent and contributing member of our school organization.

“Education as a Lifestyle” is an on-going District #2904 motto that Tracy Area Elementary staff members and students are proud to promote and practice on a daily basis.

Enrollment: Pre-K through Grade Six, 406 students

Staff: Principal, 14 regular classroom teachers, 3 Title 1 teachers, 2 ESL teachers, media generalist, physical education instructor, music instructor, 5 special education teachers, school nurse, and school psychologist. In addition to certified staff, Tracy Area Elementary has 15 paraprofessionals, 3 kitchen workers, 3 custodians and a school secretary.

Class Size: Primary - 15-20 students per class
Intermediate and Upper Elementary - 17-25 per class

Tracy Area High School

Tracy Area High School"Education as a Lifestyle"
934 Pine Street
• 507-629-5500

Tracy Area High School is an institution dedicated to meeting the changing needs of its students and committed to helping maintain a viable community. One half of the school's professional staff is new to the community in the last five years. This creates a learning atmosphere that is “fresh”, with a blend of veteran experience. The watchwords are “Respect and Accountability” for all clients of the district.

The school's mission statement, “Education as a Lifestyle”, simply means that everyone believes that learning never ends. The teachers' Staff Development and Professional Growth Plans are based on that premise, along with the belief that all people can get better at what they do. Staff members are committed to taking advantage of career enhancing opportunities that may arise, with the goal of enhancement of the education process.

Students are very busy at Tracy Area High School. Seventy-five percent of all students are involved in a co-curricular activity. Eleven varsity sports are offered with similar programs available at the junior high school and junior varsity levels. Fine Arts activity opportunities have increased in the last five years. Knowledge Bowl and Speech have joined the successful programs in Vocal and Instrumental Music, Future Leaders of America, FFA, and Drama. The school hopes to capitalize on a growing community interest in the Fine Arts. Any student who wishes to participate in this type of experience is able to.

The school's curriculum is designed to meet the needs of this southwestern Minnesota community. Preparation of a student for a technical school education is as vital as college preparatory classes. Our graduates attend a wide variety of post-secondary schools. Students take advantage of Post Secondary Enrollment Options offered by Southwest Minnesota State University. The Board of Education has shown their commitment to meeting students' needs by supporting a changing, growing curriculum. Technology is evident in our school with five computer labs and multiple locations of desktop workstations. Community Education programs consistently offer our residents and students the opportunity to enhance technology skills. Our Special Education department is committed to helping special needs students meet their specific levels of growth and development required for successful life skills. The Spanish program has grown drastically and the English as a Second Language departments are dedicated to meet the needs of our Hmong and Hispanic populations.

Demographic Information:

Enrollment: 7-12 420 students

Staff: 38 educators plus support staff

Building: ADA constructed in 1970

St. Mary's School

225 6th St.
Tracy, MN 56175

St. Mary's School, a private Catholic school, integrates Christian Gospel values throughout its curriculum for kindergarten through sixth grade students. The school is supported by parents and parishioners of the Churches of St. Mary in Tracy and Immaculate Heart of Mary in Currie.

Students in grades one through six participate in the Accelerated Reading program, a supplement to the reading curriculum, that is used to enhance reading skills and performance.

St. Mary's has a successful co-ed basketball and cheerleading program for grades four through six. Students are provided daily hot lunch through the hot lunch program.

  • Enrollment: 2009-2010 school year, 40 students in kindergarten-sixth grade.
  • Staff: Four full-time teachers. Teachers are state-certified holding Bachelor's degrees or higher.
  • Principal: Mrs. Juli Neuman.
  • Building: The school was built in 1955.
  • Facilities: Library, gym, computer lab.
  • Programs: Band, Basketball/cheerleading, Title 1 on site.
  • Religion: Daily classroom instruction in Catholic doctrine and Christian values. Weekly all school Mass, open to all faiths.

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